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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

Try the new Gator G6 blades. Big difference over the std Gators, I posted pics and a review in the G6 thread that has been running here for a while. They've worked great on long, thick, damp grass so far for me on my 7 Iron.

Here's a link, and my pics are towards the bottom of the page. may be of interest to you, maybe not.
Thanks for the tip. I'm running the older style Gators on both of my machines now that growth has slowed a bit and leaves are dropping. From reading that thread, people seem to really like the G6 blades, those with plenty of horse power anyway. Now if they could just find a way to get them to self balance......

P.S. - I've got a customer who is a mechanical engineer...I'm gonna run the self balance concept by him the next time I see him. I also have a friend who is a physics professor but he's in Germany and I'm not sure I have his current contact info.
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