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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Interesting...the Hunter Perfect Balance Ceiling Fan...they use a control ring that the blades float on...this makes sense. It basically moves the center of rotation to match the center of mass. Not something you can do with a mower blade because it has to operate in the tight confines of a mower deck.

They have a little video clip too but I can't get it to play all the way through on either of my computers for some reason.

Well, doesn't look like it's going to stop raining...guess I'll go run some errands.
Must be their site, 'cause it doesn't work for me either (for more than a few moments at the beginning). That's interesting though, and I could see how the Meg-Mo's could theoretically work if designed like the fan, but obviously they aren't, and if they were, the blades on one spindle would collide at some point with the blades on the spindle next to them.

I checked out that thread, and the posts by slkpk at MyTractorForum, and in looking at how the blades hang on the guy's 54C deck while in the upright position for taking the picture, I noticed that the cutting/sharpened edge is resting right against the rear of the blade next to it, so I started wondering- even though they wouldn't be hanging like in the guys picture when the mower is flat under the machine, what keeps the sharpened edges from banging into the rear end of the one next to it once centrifugal force has diminished to the point that it can no longer hold them away from collapsing in towards the center as they slow to a stop? Seems like you'd ruin the cutting edge rather quickly from looking at the picture.

The guy even mentioned that they "bang around" under the deck when the mower is first engaged (which anyone who has run a bush hog has experienced as the blades swing into their outward cutting position from centrifugal force). While a bush hog's blades are free swinging and can rotate completely (360 degrees) around their mounting bolt without hitting each other or the stump jumper, that isn't the case with the Meg-Mo's as can be seen in his picture. Each blade actually can contact the center ring, and the rear of the blade next to it.

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