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With a resistance reading of 2 ohms, the coil is likely internally shorted so that many of the coil's windings are bypassed. This would result in the clutch not pulling-in when energized and would also cause high current draw.

The fuse blowing indicates high current draw even if it is not indicated on your ammeter. It is possible that the ammeter is being over-ranged.

You can disassemble the clutch and examine the coil and the coil's lead wires. Depending on the clutch's field construction, there is an outside chance that you can see the coil and possibly find the short. If one of the coil lead wires is shorted to the coil windings, just tape up the shorted area and try to see if it works. There is nothing lost in tearing that critter apart since it does not work right now.

Lou Braun
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