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Originally Posted by Stuttering Stan View Post
On the flip side, will this encourage the pond guy into the irrigation trade? Or will shabby pond installations lead to an increase in service calls for you?
IMO, the pond and irrigation industry are looking for ways to increase revenues in these hard times, hence combining expos to cut costs.
I have serious doubts that there would be much of a cross-over from pond to irrigation. The irrigation trade is regulated and fairly standardized, whereas there are are a miniscule of regulations in the Water Feature trade and very little standardization. Also lawns and landscaping are considered a normal part of a homestead. Water Features, of any type, are luxury items, hence the first to be trimmed from any budget in this weak economy.
While there may be a slight increase in service calls, the majority of homeowners that have purchased a "shabby pond installation" will, once they are hit with the cost to bring the pond up to a functional level, opt to fill-in the pond or attempt to remedy things themselves. This scenario does nothing to improve the image of the Water Feature industry, in fact it will ultimately hurt it. I think that the Water Feature manufacturers and distributors who are advocating this policy are being short-sighted and we veterans in the trade are going to bear the brunt.
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