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thnks for the replys.<br>ill be looking into cub cadet and the scotts.<br>snapper is too much! even the others are too. lol im cheap! I HAVE NO OVER HEAD!!!!<br>like to keep it that way! but i do find good 21&quot; mower for 50-100$ lol that i make coulpe<br>thousand dollars on. then sell it for the same price i got it for after i beat it to death! in a year or two.(buyer be ware)lol<br>ill be looking for a swivel mower if you know where i can get one!<br> does any one know a good place to get a cheap good swivle 21&quot;mower??? airens,scotts,snapper,cubcadet?, ty 4 your help! by the way im HAPPY R U?<br>god bless! ~mark~<br>
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