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Originally Posted by Meg-Mo View Post
To all that think the Meg Mo blades do not balance them self you need to do more looking and resurech.
So this is what you call helping? It's a legitimate question to ask how your blades magically balance themselves and that's the reply we get? After all this time you still can't explain how they balance themselves?

And you make a claim that they vaporize grass. From where I sit it sounds like you're making claims that can't be backed up.

And as far as the cut quality you claim is so great, in your own video it looks like crap to me with stuff sticking up all over the place. Maybe your blades are suited for the type of mowing that they are shown doing in your video, but I can't leave the lawns I service looking like that. Honestly they seem more like bush hog blades for a tractor belly mower that give a bit better cut than a bush hog (I'm sure there's a market for that), but not the finished cut that a high end lawn would require.

Perhaps if you stopped trying to sensationalize your product and were honest about it more people would buy it?

Best of luck.
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