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don't feel bad...i'm 36 and i get the same responses....they don't think of lawncare as a full time job....they ask me well what do you do in the winter for work?...i say nothing...that's the point of it!!! get time's like they don't get can make enough cutting the 7-8 months of the season here in the south so you don't even need to work the other 4-5 months of the year.....i dunno man...people are caught up in this whole go the school get a degree get a job working 40hrs a week with benefits thing....everyone is different but few see the advantages that lawn care can bring to your me i know how it is...i worked at an auto factory for 6 years....great pay and benefits but my life flat out sucked....i hated going to work every day...i was depressed....tired all the time...never got enough sleep....and so on and so on.......yet that was looked at by the majority as a respectable career??? just doesn't make sense to me the way people look at is far more important than i work maybe 25-30hrs a week.....hardly ever more than 6hrs in a day...usually less....7-8 months out of the year....i'm not tired when i'm done feet don't hurt at all...i'm still fresh...can go running and excercise which is better for my health...something i could never do working my other job since i was so wore out at the end of the day....i make double...yes double per hour i made at my factory job....$50 per hour instead of $'s easier work...much easier.....and more fun......i'm not depressed.....i mean overall i make less money than i did since i dont' work all year long but who cares...the positives from it are more than worth it to to me seeing how this is...i think it's foolish to ever work for anyone ever again doing the 40-50hr per week each their own's all in what you like and what type of person you me it's just freedom...when you work for someone else you have to be there no matter what and do whatever they say...when you work for yourself you call your own shots and make your life how you want it to be.
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