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Originally Posted by flyingdutch16 View Post
Sooo lately a lot of people ask me where do you work. I just tell i mow lawns for my self. 9/10 times I get a response like this, Mowing is not a job... its just so that you can make a little extra money.

Now can some one please explain to me how the hell mowing is not a job?! I mean i work probably harder then them who work at a fast food restaurant or where ever they get hired. I just dont get it! Its probably just the youth of these siting on there lazy asses playing xbox all day.

Oh im 16 btw and mow 8 lawns.

Sorry guys i just had to vent about it. it was just really making me mad saying that mowing isnt a job. I mean i know its not a fully established business yet but im getting closer and closer and really do work hard to get it a fully established business.
You have to tell them that you're the owner and operator of a lawn maintenace company, not that you mow lawns!
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