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Installing a New Lawn

I'd like some help from you Ga / Southern members.

I have an owner with a couple of properties that need lawns installed. he wants to do a fall seeding. Both lawns are pretty heavily shaded. The soil is GA. red clay.
New at this but I think what I need to do is have the soil tested, amend with compost and fertilizer, till, seed, cover with hay to hold moisture, water. Planning to use fescue, probably need to use a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.

Am I missing anything?
Any suggestions for specific grass seed? No need to kill weeds, bare dirt.
How fast are tillers?

One of the yards has a large oak that provides the shade with the lowest limbs being about 15' up. The other yard has several trees with lims at 5 - 6' (smaller trees - maybe 20' high). one area is about 50' X 100', the other is 30 X 170'.

Appreciate any help.
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