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Originally Posted by turner_landscaping View Post
Overall not bad for your second pond. I'm not a big fan of the white marble lookn rock I would ha ve just ran the mulch straight to the pond to soften it out.. Also vary your stone size up more you went from big to small but there is no medium. Up around the waterfall on the left take all those small out n simple add some medium size two or would be good and then add your smaller pieces to blend.. One major no no is using slate as your waterfall. I know why you did it cause its easier to create a waterfall with, I myself used them years ago until I learned how to use natural stone and to use the shapes of the stone to create with. You have a good eye for placement just need to tweek your train of thought and aproach remeber its suppose to be natural looking. Nowhere on this planet is slate and round stone found together. A good book would be the rise method to get better ideas.. Good job though and good luck.
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What he said + the addition of a Water Lily and maybe a few more emergents.

Is that a potted plant behind the waterfall or is it planted directly in the waterfall reservoir?
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