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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
not to be a dick, but i hope 14 lawns a day doesnt make you fatigued (lawns the size you posted in the pic) I could cut around 35 lawns that size in a day with a 48" walk behind. I wouldnt be fatigued at all. Maybe after the week but not in one day.
That pic was only the property front, total size of that property is just over 3/4 acres.

Not to be a dick Justin but in an 9 hour day you have to average just under 16 minutes per property to achieve what you say you acomplish.....That has to include mow, trim, blow, and windshield time.... Oh and load/unload time too. Unless they are one after another same street i don't see it happening. Even running solo plus 1 its not happening.

BTW I was fatigued after 14 lawns, smallest property i have is .5 acres up to 2 acres.
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