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Originally Posted by bperl View Post
I've recently bought Bannerman Mini Topper Compost Spreader. I'm planning to hire some local help to spread the compost.
1) I'm confused whether to get the aeration done and compost spreaded before the Sprinklers/irrigation system get installed
Pros: Irrigation won't get effected by aeration
Cons: The guys and machines used during the sprinkler installation might(will) compact the aerated soil again.

2) should I get the Sprinklers installed before the aeration is done.
Pros: I can spread the seed right after the aeration and the soil won't be compacted.

Cons: Risk to the irrigation / sprinkler system while doing the aeration.

If you are concerned about damaging your irrigation system when you aerate, then you need to find a new irrigation company to do the install. No properly installed irrigation system for turf should be at risk of damage from aeration, and in most cases tilling as well. Laterals should be a minimum of a till depth + 2" deep. Flag the sprinklers before aerating.

In an ideal world, proper soil prep means tilling. Apply your amendments, till them in making sure they are well mixed with the native soil.
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