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Hello,<p>I worked for a company about 4 years ago and they puchased one of those 'swivel' front caster push mowers. I believe it was a Ariens (was painted orange as I remember) and was expensive, around 600 or 700 then. It was just out then, and I believe was one of the first 21&quot; mowers with the front castors. The price reflected one of those &quot;new to market&quot;, fad items.<p>It turned out to be a piece of junk.<p>The crew, on the first day they went out, used it once, and then put it right back on the trailer. They said it was almost impossible to get it to cut in a straight line. The cut was good, but it had a tendency to swerve all over the place with those castors up front. It was a real nice looking piece of equipment, but just didn't work.<p>steveair
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