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In the Lawn mowing forum we talk about Mow & Go scrubs. Well Fertilizer has Mow & Go scrubs also. Many of these people just don't have clue. Some think they Know it all and try and tell others how to. Some just like to brag about how good they are.

Potassium, K develops vascular flow, which is important for flowering, stem strength, vigor, disease resistance and overall hardiness. But most important is root development for drought stress resistance. Potassium fully Mobile systemically in the plant. Potassium leaches readily from the soil. I personally like to use potassium on a one to one ratio with nitrogen. However it is a more expensive fertilizer.

Potassium Deficiencies, first yellowing between veins of older leaves with yellow specks in the veins. Leaves then turn brown on the out side margin.

From past Experience I have found the TG/CL type operation Will pass on the application of Potassium because it shows no visible response immediately. Potassium is a Luxury Element or nutrient that plants readily up take all that is available. It seem to me only those with some understanding of Agronomy will spend the money to give the Customer a Really True and complete nutrient application. Of course when drought occur the Complete nutrient package now shows a visible response because those lawns stay greener longer because of the Root EXTENTION cause by Potassium.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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