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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I am sure your Midwest soil need Potassium as does our Sandy Crap they call soil here in Coastal Florida. The thing is, Corporate American in their quest for super profits and no moral responsibility, love the High Profits of 6 N to 1 K ratio. The general public and even some 30 year veteran Yard Boys don't have a clue. They Blindly follow the Propaganda. Fact is many Fert & Squirt Company wouldn't know what to put out if their Chemical sales didn't have a ring in their nose and dragged them to the most profitable program FOR THE CHEMICAL COMPANY.

BTW Older Members will recognize part of my Potassium post as a C & P from my old Website I had to take down after being sued by Lawn Doctor. After 6 years I plan to put that information back up on a different domain name. I wrote it when I was still teaching in a Golf Course Management program Part time at our local College. I am afraid I get very up set with the Idiots who do half Ass-ed work and have no understanding of the Principles of Best Management Practices. They are Re-active not pro-active and come to Lawnsite wondering why their lawns are yellow have weeds and Grubs.
I agree, most folks learn lawncare from the label on a Scott's bag, when they start out... Unfortunately they continue the mindset and advance to support the JDL dealers...

I've never run into yellow lawns so much as I deal with faded green lawns due to drought and tree competition for water and the shade that goes with it... So far the fall color is good with proper rain and the 6-1 ratio, but what you say is good to know...

I wonder if the K in the grass clippings is more easliy retained by the turf or if it leaches as quickly as the mulch decays... ??
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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