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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
if a valve box is in an area with vehicle traffic, one might have different priorities - traffic aside, the priorities are "will it endure, and can it be serviced" - if those conditions are met, any onlookers with offended sensibilities can go take a flying leap
I replaced these boxes about two months ago. They are not in a traffic area, the damage was done by the lawn crews over time. Much more traffic and the valves (3" Irritrol 100 3PS; very expensive) would have sustained damage, at least to the bonnet.

This is not unusual in S. FL and one of the reasons I don't glue in valves or gang valves on a manifold so I can't spin them out if I have to.

That's what Ric is talking about; S. Florida is not like any other part of the country.

Oh, the boots haven't incurred any damage yet since I was forced to get rid of the other ones because duct tape doesn't hold up well in the S. FL monsoon season.
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