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I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass on the Redmax 8500. The design to me just looks a little goofy where it's not quite as compact. It almost looks like if it falls over something would break easier. I've read a few reviews on it also, and the general consensus says while it does have more power then the echo 770, it's not a ton more. Also it's quite a bit more expensive. I think it's somewhere around $80 to $100 more, and there are also not as many redmax dealers around me that I know of. I know it also has vents for your back, but most people say it doesn't work quite as well as echos. The last thing for me was that the tube it just a little cheaper feeling. Most of these things are all just from what I've read and looked at pictures. My decision isn't final yet, but I don't think I'll get the redmax for now.
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