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Originally Posted by regularguy View Post
The pump is probably ten years old and a couple of years ago I tore it down and had the impellers built back up and replaced the wear rings, at that time it was in pretty rough shape and showed a lot of wear. I had a machine shop do the brass work and I'm not sure that what I did was the best way to do the repair, I always thought that it was a little louder when it ran after that. I guess that I got about 8 years out of the pump when it was new, I thought that was a pretty acceptable life from the pump, I don't utilize a flow meter but my irrigation software calculates water useage based on flow multiplied by time and I usually average about 1.5 million gallons per year, some years more and some less based on the weather.
I wouldn't complain about eight years, I thought you said you just had it done about two years ago.

Anyway, we run the water all year long and I haven't had to replace or rebuild any impellers... yet (motors yes, impellers no) and we suck a lot of dirty water.

I'm still wondering what abrasive is suspended in your source that would wear down an impeller in two years, and a brass one at that. I'd check the well, down here shallow wells are dirty.

Don't want to get into a pi$$ing contest at all, I'd look at the source and maybe consider a self cleaning particulate filter. Somebody on here had a link to a submersible type, maybe he'll post here.

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