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Some background on

Green Industry Associates -
Thanks for asking about Christmas Light Leads. I'm the founder of this site and wanted to be as transparent as possible about this new service.

5 years ago I started helping local holiday lighting companies in Texas (mainly landscapers, roofers, irrigators and the like) obtain clients looking for local holiday lighting installers (my specialty is online marketing).

I realized there were a ton of 'marketing' or 'lead generation' companies promising the moon only to cause frustration and things getting expensive quickly (I won't get started on Service Magic).

So I decided to focus on a niche, holiday lighting, to match holiday lighting companies get leads. The $15 per residential and $25 per commercial lead I think is a fair and inexpensive marketing cost per acquisition - say you close one 1 out of 4 (modest closing rate, most of our installers in years past was around 30-50%), the out-of-pocket is $60-$100. Often times these leads turn out to be well over $1,000 (varies across the country, average installation in Texas was $1100).

Also, the 'coming soon' page is our pre-launch. The full site will be in operation in October 2011. The testimony is a real one from the previous company I owned in Texas, and I'll be happy to put you in touch with Mr. Daly who can share his experience with you.

So to sum it up, I'm an online marketing nerd trying to find "a better way" to connect holiday lighting companies to clients needing those types of services (as you know, timing is everything in this industry)... and this is our first year to launch Christmas Light Leads, so I would love your feedback, suggestions (whether good or bad).

We have some cool functionality built in where you set a weekly budget so you don't overspend, online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to keep track of all your leads/customers/estimates and even export them to a spreadsheet.

Oh, and the enrollment fee is normally $99 before 10/31 and $199 after 10/31, plus we take time to verify insurance coverage. However, those who sign up on our waiting list through September 2011 we waive the enrollment fee, so no cost to get started (and we throw in the first lead for free so you can get the hang of things).

Tory Smith
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