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Originally Posted by j-ville native View Post
i hear good things about the ferris seats. what's it like? any back pain? any jolting going over bumps?
I have the new seat which is a non high back which i like better than the high back. Best way i can describer it is this seat is stiffer than most because it a better build quality than the old seats (non Ferris) but since the ride is so soft its a perfect fit. ZERO back pain and the fatigue from handling a 1300lb machine all day has almost been eliminated.

Thats one of the biggest benefits that probably goes unnoticed, i feel like i'm not working hard because i'm not as fatigued as if i would have ran a fixed frame machine all day.

As far as jolting the machine accepts most of the impact, however i have my springs set on 2 in the front and 3 in the back (1 = softest, 4 = most firm) so if i wanted i could get it even softer. I feel like this machine accepts the jolts on and XYZ plane. For those who don't understand machining its a 3 dim plane not just 2D. Overall i'm most pleased.
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