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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Ok. What you need first of all is a soil test. The components of the tank mix change based on calcium/magnesium requirements and soil pH. Otherwise, to answer your question about potassium, anyone used to spreading high urea granules is in for sticker shock when they start pricing potassium. I use potassium nitrate as my K source. 13-0-45. Runs around $50 a bag here. But it will cover 1-2 acres depending on the rate it is applied at. I also add a chelated micronutrient mix sold as FEature 6-0-0 from Loveland Products. This is very important because the nice green color that I get from spraying my fertilizers is not from putting down 1 lb of N. It is from the potassium helping with water management and root growth, along with more than adequate levels of micronutrients.
On the potassium nitrate at $50, is that a 50 lb bag? I have done a little experimenting with liquid fert on my own lawn and have seen some nice things. Seriously thinking of using it on some of my high end customers who are willing to pay. I anticipate having more time next year as my current regular job may play out.
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