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Originally Posted by Christmas Light Leads View Post
@ GreenIndustry - yes, we verify they possess an active general liability policy and request they email/fax a copy of their insurance certificate. We haven't gone as far to ensure it covers 'holiday lighting', but that's a good idea which I'll take that down as an action item... If I recall, the proper endorsement for that is "electrical apparatus" - can you verify what the exact insurance endorsement requirement would be to cover seasonal lighting (outdoor and indoor)? I think this also gives us a better opportunity to educate those who are running legit lighting businesses but aren't aware of the necessary coverages.

Tory Smith
Yes, that is the correct endorsement "electrical apparatus".
I have not used service magic due to the mixed results I have heard from them regarding the christmas decorating, but you have my interest and I may give your service a try.

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