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Originally Posted by Jelinek61 View Post
Thats a nice looking dump truck. I'd be proud to call it mine. Whats the story on the broekn sliding door. Rock get shot out of a mower into it?
I had to get it from one of the neighbors who saw the whole things. Both employees were in the back yard, one mowing and one trimming. The trimmer shot a rock and it hit. They supposedly both saw it, stopped and looked at it laughing, then kept working like nothing happened. Didn't tell me anything and didnt' knock on the customers door either.

It was a brand new installed door and only cost me 180 bucks to fix it. The customer wanted all my insurance information and i told her to get a quote because i will pay out of pocket up to 1000 dollars before i involve insurance. Sure enough its one of the cheapest windows made for a sliding door and you can replace just the pain itself.

Insured and Licensed
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