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The cost of redoing a pond & politics

My wife's boss has a pond on their property that they haven't done anything with for years because they could not figure out how to deal with algae. It was there when they bought the property.

When she can over and saw ours with the little bit of algae, she couldn't believe we have won the battle.

So she went home and spoke with her husband about how nice ours looked, so they got a quote to get theirs back up and running.

It has about a 10 foot stream and the actual pond is about 10 feet in diameter and maybe 2 feet deep.

The quote came in at between $5&6K....she flipped. The quote came from the place I bought all my pond materials. She showed my wife the quote and my wife called me and asked if we used a skid loader, a Kubota loader or a Jumping Jack Tamper. I used a mini excavator, shovels and a home made hand tamper.

I felt I was being put in a difficult position because I didn't know exactly what the quote was for, so I told her to bring it home.

What they were quoting on was to completely re-do the water feature, but I thought they were going overboard with the equipment requirements.

I told my wife that because I'm not "in the trade" I couldn't really give some professional advice, and said to tell her boss that if they wanted to do it themselves I would offer some advice, but I would not get in between them and the contractor.

So now they are going to "sit on it" over the winter and decide how they want to proceed in the spring. I have a feeling I will be pressured into something I don't want anything to do with.

Sorry for the long rant, but I felt it needed to be expressed.

Here's my big question.....should I call the contractor and tell them that I think they are quoting needless equipment and the time required to do the job, they quoted 10 days. I know I will get involved......
Also, my wife's boss is a "money" family in our town.
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