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Yeah but SEO is not a rest on your laurels industry

You should take note of about not easily being found in surrounding areas.

I work as a web developer and Search Engine Optimization is done from the server all the way up into building link back strategies to help gain strength for a website.

Your listing (the one I found) is middle of the pack for the Google Places. Obviously, anytime you land in the listings its a good thing. But also take advantage of Yelp and other solid business directories like City Search. Also Bing has a comparable service that can be utilized. These days people load apps on smartphones, and these kind listing directories short cut traditional search because of it.

Since June 2011, Yahoo, Bing, and Google also decided to work together on additional mark ups that can help search engines understand businesses and web pages better, right down to individual products and price. The site for this collaboration is at

A solid strategy starts with picking out good keywords. Typically with landscaping, landscaping and lawn care are two big ones, with the weakest being lawn care with competitors. So when I do the same search for your site using landscaping instead of lawn care, it becomes a lot harder to find.

People just typically search more with the keyword of landscaping, which is why its more competitive.

Another thing I notice is that there is not a full address listing for the company on the website, and in the long run this will be important to Google. I also saw that at the bottom of your site you have surrounding areas that are targets for your services. A good strategy would be to turn those into links to specific pages optimized for each of those areas. Then you can target those cities with the title tags with something like "City Landscaping and Lawn Care" helping create a strength for those strong keyword searches that look for your services by both a generic landscaping keyword and the city itself.

Also, fully get that Google places profile filled out. Upload the 9 pictures you are entitled, follow through with clients so they are aware of the Places page and can leave reviews.

But it is exciting to see the visibility, just remain vigilant.
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