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Originally Posted by osmann_lawn View Post
Yeah ECHO is a great product! I work at The Home Depot the one that i work with sells them. Not a lot of home owners want them because of the price. You get what you pay for! Thanks for liking my setup. I know its not the most professional equipment. It is defiantly not the worst either. How do you like the Cub Cadet walk behind?
Yeah,i love there trimmers the most for some reason and eveything they make lol..thats cool you work at home depot the stores by me all carry echos..yeah the price isn't too bad,NP yeah im not the one to talk i guess my setup is in the middle does the job right and on time so that is what matters,Man the walk behind is great i have never had any problems what so ever than a drive cable which got fixed the next day and back and running for the lawns was a $15 part,other than that i love it this is my third year it's great
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