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Originally Posted by osmann_lawn View Post
I was just going to use it to start out. I take good care of my equipment always clean and ready to go. Cub Cadet seems to have the best tractors for dependability. Is it okay to start with this? or do people get turned off by it? I wanted to have my overhead low just in case i don't get enough customers to make a profit.
Originally Posted by osmann_lawn View Post
my uncle loaned me the money to get started so i have to pay him back before i even consider getting a new lawn mower. i am only 19 and it is so hard to get a loan now. This is what i have to work with until i get more accounts.

Build slow, steady and smartly. Use your uncle's advice.
Save all you can and put it back into your business. At 19 its tempting to buy a lot of toys and things that a guy wants. I know I've been there.... nearly 20 years ago.

Most of us have started small and very humble.
In 96 I was working out of the trunk of my car. (very soon bought a Ford Ranger).
Its very humbling to start that way but it helps to keep a guy grounded when he remembers those days.
Today I have this rig 100% paid for.
This trailer cost more than your tractor, blower and trimmer combined.

You will get yours too. Just build your business smartly.
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