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Originally Posted by osmann_lawn View Post
BPS i'm liking your truck. Ford is the way to go!!! i would have bought a ford but my dodge was a steal for the shape and low miles it has. thanks for all the information its making me feel better about countuining. Its been very frustrating getting clients and how expensive marketing is. A lot of people on this site seem to think that because i started with a lawn tractor i am going to fail. I don't get how they all start with commercial equipment? makes no sense i know that a lot of people take out loans and get the expensive equipment right away. 9 times out of 10 they fail because they cant pay there loans fast enough. How many accounts do you guys have? whats a good number of accounts to be making good money?

The number of accounts isn't what matters.
I've got contracts for next year that will take all day to do one.

Keep at what you've already done to get the 8 you have now.
I'd suggest that you print out a sales advertisement along with free services incentives and give them to your existing customers now. Don't wait until next spring when folks already have their service lined up.
Unless you do it early while there is still snow on the ground.
In fact snow removal in WI is some thing you should offer to your customers to help with year around retention.

Tell your existing clients that you'll give them one free mowing for every customer they refer to you that stays longer than one month with your company in 2012. Up to a max of 3 free mowings.

They are already going to tell their friends about your services. This will give them some skin in the game of sales for your company.
Make sure they are happy with your work, other wise the bad reputation will harm you more.
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