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Originally Posted by osmann_lawn View Post
I did 4 mulching jobs this year that i did really well on. A lot of weeding as well. Used my lawn tractor to pull around a 17cu cart. It was a lot faster than using a wheelbarrow. I have seen a lot of stories on here that guys start out using a lawn tractor and now there business is picking up so they upgrade. ya i do a bunch of services website: Its kind of a shity website but its better than nothing! Thanks i think i am going to get some door hangers made.

Thats a better site than mine. Mine really needs tuned up!
Did you design it yourself?

The biggest thing I see with your site's photos is that you are over selling your customers what you are able to provide.
Those stripes look great, only problem is that you can't deliver them with your equipment.
If a customer sees that and orders service and you aren't able to provide that look you'll be out the door and down the road and they'll be hiring a new company and talking bad about yours.
Some thing to think about.
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