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Gravel Rat and I have been bantering back and forth on this, he read this thread and fell off his chair laughing.

I can just imagine the Twitter twat feeds:

Day 1, I just got off the Hitachi 200 excavator, wow what a rush, so much power, big and smooth, really fun to learn how to operate.

Day 2, finished my training on the Cat bulldozer, what a rush, feels like you are driving a tank, so neat.

Day 3, just finished up the the Hitachi 135, really nice little machine but not as little as the 200, wow that 200 was my fav.

Day 4, just got warned not to use my cell phone while operating, I just can't contain my excitement, I have to update my Twitter account so all 7 of my subscribers will know how excited I am!

Day 5, just got a second warning not to use my cell phone and to stop taking pictures and poser shots.

Day 6, I was asked to leave the training school for excessive cell phone use warnings, currently filling out a job application at Burger King, oh well, life goes on.

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