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Propane? Price per tank and gal/hr?

Hi there,

Wondering what guys are getting for fuel consumption on propane.

What is your gal/hr usuage? If it was a converted mower if you remember what you got with gas that info would be great also. Please state the mower MFG, engine model, deck size for comparison.

Also what is the price to refill your propane tank? Please state what size tank it is.

I'm trying to figure out if it is cheaper to actually run propane (just the fuel). I made some calls today and found $23.99 plus 5.5% tax and $26.99 plus 5.5% tax on 30# tanks to refill. Those are bringing the tanks to them to refill, they didn't offer a exchange program. I'm waiting on to other places to get back to me also. But at 4.2 lbs per gallon that is $3.55 per gallon for propane (tax included). I currently get gas at $3.30/gal this morning and get a 18.3 cents back at the end of the year for federal road tax. I don't believe propane gets better gal/hr based on BTU's so at this point unless I see I'm off on the price or propane or fuel consumption it doesn't make sense to convert.

What I also don't understand is why my home propane is $1.99/gal right now. The only reason I can think of is your min is 200 gal and they factor the labor to fill the propane tanks, which makes sense.
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