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Originally Posted by thunderthud View Post
I can't answer the conversion question. I'm not a believer in them, I bought my propane mowers new from the factory.

Propane didn't make sense financially until we bought a refueling station with a 2000 gallon tank. We got a grant from the DOE and state to pay for the bulk of the it, so the costs were low to the company. We paired it with a CNG refueling station onsite, so we doubled down on the investment.

At 2000 gallons, I'm paying $1.76 a gallon delivered in bulk.

The propane tank exchange or bringing the tanks to the facility was a waste of time and money. If I didn't have the bulk station, I'd probably have a different outlook.

Ask me next year when I have 19 propane mowers in the field and a pair of F-550's drinking from the same pump instead of just the two propane mowers I have now. I'll have better data then.

My season long experiment showed me I will save money with propane in a big way next year. The biggest indication of improvement is the Toro I have now going on 400+ hours with no oil changes save for the original oil change when we brought it into our shop.

One suggestion I have operationally is to add the front weights you'd normally use for the bagger. The tank location is too far back for my liking.
So what mower are you running and what is the gal/hr?

And simply put if the gov didn't pay for the station you wouldn't of done it?
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