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Here in Texas, they will give you a $1000 check for each factory installed propane mower you buy, yes a check, not to mention all the other kick backs you can find. I have the paperwork in front of me looking at it. I am looking into installing a wind turbine and solar panels at my house after a news broadcast I saw, the government is picking up the tab on most of the cost, and the part I have to pay will be given back to me each month by putting electricity back into the grid. On the news report the couple had an 1800 sq ft house with garage covered in panels, and they said they got $800 a month from the electric company (which I think was their peak month). I talked to a couple that just did solar panels on a house sized about the same as mine, cost them $22000 after all the cuts, they got a remodel loan at the bank for $40000, and so far its been 8 months, and they have averaged $600 a month from the electric company. The only negative they said was it took 4 months before they got a check, but the nice thing was it went all the way back to the install, so it was over $2000. At that rate the loan will be paid off quickly, and they got to have an extra $18000 in much needed spending I have talked to a few more, one in Honey grove did a wind turbine behind his house, he claimed in 8 years it will be making him money for free, and really over the 8 years its free because he used the banks money. My Gpa didn't comprehend it, he priced it to be done on his place and it was $80000, he cussed and threw a fit, I guess the installer didn't even get a chance to go over the rebates and checks he would get from the government to do it, not to mention the money he would make each month. It makes me mad the government spends our tax dollars to get this started, but I might as well try to cash in If uncle sam will take care of most of the cost, and you have a big enough operation to benefit, I would do it. Its a little bigger pain to get the tanks filled, but your mower engine will thank you, they burn so much cleaner, your maintenance will go down....etc. A propane company could even give you a discount on the propane if you sign an exclusive contract with them, I think some states are paying the bill for that in some kinda green act, they even pay them to train you I believe....

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