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Building a Landscape Body

Okay since winter is here and I need a new project Ive decided to build a Landscape bed with dove tail,Ramp,Racks ect onto a F250 I recently purchased.
The truck is a 87 F250. The reason I purchased such a old truck was a few reasons. this truck has a completely rebuilt 4.9L 300 straight six. Ive owned trucks with this engine before they have plenty torque and get decent fuel mileage. It also has a rebuilt 4 speed and new clutch.In SC we have to pay personal property tax on vehicles which the older the vehicle the lower the tax.
The truck is tight and runs good. The cab will need painting and I will also paint it and the bed when finished putting the bed together.
I'm building the whole thing from scratch. Ive already in the last several yrs transformed 5 box trucks to dump trucks.This project will probably take a few months soooo if this thread interests you check back now and again.
I'll be picking up some metal tomorrow to get rolling here are a few pics of what i'm working with. I forgot to get a pick before removing the truck bed....
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