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Well I got some great info today.

Tank exchange program with $18 for a 30# tank, ruffly $2.25/gal.

I also can get a propane fill station with a low cost lease (talking cheap) or it sound I could buy one for about $10k. 1k gal tank. With the lease I need more volume so he suggested truck conversions which I'm looking into. I got a call into a comapny that does them but haven't heard back. Propane guy said about 4k to 6k per truck depending on things. It would be a bi fuel set up. Anyways propane would be under $1.99 and set price for 12months. I would need to pay the road tax seperately but the fuel cost savings is there at that price point.

Still waiting on the accountant and getting ahold of gov offices to see what programs are out there.
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