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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Is it possible to get a smaller tank? What was the cost of the 2000 gal tank and if I can find a smaller tank would it be significantly less cost? We are about 100 gal a week and I am paying $2.79 gal. If I could get that cost down I would convert our Diesel trucks.

My tank setup is vertical because of space issues and is 19ft tall. As I recall there was a 500, 1000 and the 2000 gallon tank. My tank was $18,000 delivered. The smaller tanks were vastly cheaper.

I have two mowers today, so the tank was massive overkill, but next season I will have twenty-two mowers on propane and two F550's on propane.

In four years when I order new pickups I'm hoping there is a Roush factory kit for the new F150. I'm not doing any of the homebrew conversions. I need the trucks and equipment I have to make money, not just claim it is eco-friendly.
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