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Originally Posted by LBA1999 View Post
I have run John Deere for close to 20 years. John deere has more creature comforts, better seat, etc. than Kubota even though Kubota has stepped up their game in the newest series. JD tractors are well built and the dealer support is generally very good, the main reason I stayed with them. JD tractors also have more features designed for efficiency, like IMatch, Autoconnect, and their loaders come on and off more quickly than Kubota. I would describe JD as like the Cadillac and Kubota is a chevy or ford. My next tractor will be Kubota because they are built stronger, heavier components, more lift capacity, and they are simpler, with less frills and are designed to get work done, not aimed at rich estate owners to mow their grass like JD seems to be moving towards. Both will last years of commercial use if taken care of, but Kubota is definitely built for ruggedness where Deere is built lots of times for asthetics.
Well I dont believe this to be true at all, and way too much of a wide swipe opinion....both mfgs offer stripped down economy models as well as premium brands....I dont see where one has more features than the other in those for the attachments personally Imatch is overrated and overpriced, autoconnect is way too expensive and really not needed, and both have QA loader options....your talking attachments and not the actual tractor
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