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Originally Posted by thunderthud View Post

My tank setup is vertical because of space issues and is 19ft tall. As I recall there was a 500, 1000 and the 2000 gallon tank. My tank was $18,000 delivered. The smaller tanks were vastly cheaper.

I have two mowers today, so the tank was massive overkill, but next season I will have twenty-two mowers on propane and two F550's on propane.

In four years when I order new pickups I'm hoping there is a Roush factory kit for the new F150. I'm not doing any of the homebrew conversions. I need the trucks and equipment I have to make money, not just claim it is eco-friendly.
Can I assume that the price of propane when buying 2000 is significantly cheaper than 500 gals? The local shop has certified kits for most trucks. The back breaker is the tank location.
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