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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Can I assume that the price of propane when buying 2000 is significantly cheaper than 500 gals? The local shop has certified kits for most trucks. The back breaker is the tank location.
Nope, just cuts down on the multiple delivery charges. I'm running 22 mowers next season. That's still probably weekly deliveries. Add in my two F550's and I'm looking at every 4 business days.

Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
I was told by my future propane supplier that if I had a 500 gal tank 1000 gal tank or 2000 gal tank it was the same price per gallon which was locked in for 12 months. Keep in mind in the north propane delivery is very common in rural areas. I call in the winter that my home tank is at 30% and they fit it in a route usually the next day. With trucks delivering most days a trip for 500 gals or 2000 gals doesn't change their costs much as the truck is still moving all the time.
I have the same deal, I'm locked into an annual volume minimum as well. I ended up with a decent local supplier who has a fill station 1/2 mile from my shop. They were completely useless for the fill station information, but the price was fantastic and they deliver.
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