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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
A metal mesh storage cabinet for the tanks. If I went the tank exchange program route they come by unlock the cage and replace the empty tanks with filled ones. The cage is leased to me at no charge with the 12month tank exchange program. The reson they want the tanks locked up is to protect from theft since they actually own the tanks and not me.

If I commit to enough propane then they would lease a fill station on a skid to me. I would provide 230 power to it. I was told it would be a low cost lease. I need to figure out how much volume I'm going to commit to then I would get the actually figures. Guessing I'm only going to be 5000 to 6000 gallons if I convert my truck and main mowers. My house is 1000 gallons on top of that also per year which I think will help me with the volume amount.
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So what is the lowest you can get propane for.....I am paying $2.79 a gallon in the 10 gallon tanks. If I can't get it below $2 I am stopping the conversions with 3 trucks.
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