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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
So what is the lowest you can get propane for.....I am paying $2.79 a gallon in the 10 gallon tanks. If I can't get it below $2 I am stopping the conversions with 3 trucks.
With the tank exchange program $2.25/gal. If I'm only doing mowers that is.

With the fill station on site it will be around $1.86 to $1.90 /gal. I can make this happen with converting my truck because the volume I would do through the truck.

If you are doing 100 gallons a week with the mowers I'm guessing you are mowing 40 weeks per year which would be 4000 gallons. Depending on the propane company that would be close to get a fill station provided for a low cost. Now if you transfer a truck I'm guessing you will for certain be in the range to get a fill station. It took me 4 propane companies to get right guy on the phone with the right programs. A account manager was his title up here.
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