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Originally Posted by Jungle J View Post
Truck would definately help but dont forget if you live in warm climate during summer if your propane company knows what they are doing the dispsner would need the right pump if it has an OEM system Like Roush/ Ford. With the micron filtered system in them this increases pressure during filling to overcome which means a bigger pump than normal. This would increase the asset cost of the job for them and you. Make sure you let them know you plan on filling Automotive as the filler nozzle is different and they may want to add another micron filter on the filing system as well. This is not new in the world but for the US it is new to the propane industry here as of about 2 years ago. The technology has changed dramatically as well from the 70's if you get the right system. There are only a few of the National Companies that are on the forfront of this technology and just a few of the independants as this is an expensive invest for us on the propane end. Be very sure the company you deside to go with has a good understanding of what this is all about or has a national suppoert group for engine fuel. Other wise things may be good during cold months but in the heat of the summer you may experiance some issues new to them to over come.
Just doing some searchs for prices of propane and it looks like the wholesale price now is in the $1.47 range? Is that right for Texas area? So I am think that getting a lease tank of 500 gallon. What do you think a reasonable markup should be? I presently take my tanks to the mower dealer weekly and he fills for $2.79 so if he buys at $1.50 that is a good profit. I bought some of the tanks and he provided a couple.
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