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Accelerator install problem

I bought a bagger for my JD 647A which has the 48" deck. This is a 2011 mower.
The bracket that came with the bagger and the bracket in the pictures of the installation instructions are slightly different.
The bracket in the install photos is 1" wider at the rear of the bracket than the bracket that came with the bagger. The install photo bracket has a 1" kickout at the rear that my bracket does not have. The instructions tell me to space the front of the bracket 2 3/4" from the front lip and 3 3/4" from the back lip. Since I am missing 1" at the rear it is not possible for me to space it 3 3/4". My thought is to simply run the bracket 2 3/4" at the front and rear but wanted to post here to see if that is OK.
Below are some photos. The first two photos are my bracket. The third photo is a picture of the install page. You can see the tape starts around 1" in both photos and ends around 3 3/4" on the pictured bracket but only 2 3/4" on my bracket.

PS - this bagger is great. Of course I haven't used it yet, but the construction of it is amazing. I can't wait to get it installed so I can start playing with it.
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