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I'm new to applications this year. Bought a used Permagreen. I have nothing yet to compare to except for a back pack and walk behind spreader but, I play with it a lot. My Magnum does have agitation. The pump runs all the time and the fluid runs back in to the tank so product is always moving in the tank along with the bouncing around. In the beginning I would go over every thing several times once doing fert and then again doing squirt. Today I got brave and did both at the same time. I have to tell you I bought the machine right, have grown more and more used to it. I will say it is much better than a back pack and a push spreader. I was never out of wind once today. I did roughly 100,000 sq. ft. today and loved every minute of it. Some day I may have a Z-Spray but my Permagreen is doing the job for me. Just like anything else, keep expectations with in reason and learn everything you can about your equipment. As far as mixing chemicals depending on your needs I'm sure that you can mix many in the one tank. I haven't yet but, not going to rule it out.
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