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Originally Posted by metro36 View Post
Dlong, I took your advice and brought my dump trailer up to the local welder. He is going to make me a mount so the loader will blow directly into the leaf box without any extra hoses. Should be ready in the next few days, then I will just have to build the box.

Looks like a nice enclosed. The guy I used to work for had a similar one. His was like 7.5x 16 I think. It was nice having everything right there with you. I am hoping to get a 7x14 or 16 for my self next year.
You didnt have to get anything welded, my mount was all wood last year and only cost 10 bucks. I guess metal will be better but put rubber pucks under the loader for anti vibration. I used rubber washing sink plugs from home depot last year, they are about 1/2 thick and around 3" wide, i drilled a hole right in the middle of them and put them between the mount and the loader, the trailer didnt even vibrate with them installed. Not neccisary but very helpful.

I was thinking all these pictures would get more comments. guess my work isnt too great. Haha. More people are interested in equiopment than work on here.

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