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I have had the Aquatic certification for a while now. Yep our fine bureaucratic system requires a College degree to kill dandelions but any one can do Aquatic weed kill without a license. However most HOA and commercial business want to see a certification. Also to get the Permits you need for larger lakes you must be certified. To be honest the test is so easy and good for 4 years that I retest instead of getting the CEU. And in a ROW certification and there is a nice Niche market. Add in a L&O and GHP for Ants and that is the market I am after. BTW I am also Licensed Nuances Wildlife Trapper and I offer Cotton Mouth removal from ponds.

The reason for posting was to ask about Estimating large Lakes. I took the shot gun approach and ask every where. I found 3 different Aquatic People who were willing to help me for free and over the Phone. All 3 gave the same answer and from 3 different parts of the state. The one guy was in fact already doing the HOA Lakes I wanted to bid on. I promised not to bid them and he was kind enough to help me. I can break the trust of this person he is now my go to guy.

There is money Aquatic work. But to do any real size contracts the State requires a ton of Paper work before issuing a permit. This process has become increasingly harder. Up to a couple of years ago I could get Permits on line by filling out forms and then printing my Permit. Today it is an act of congress and a waiting period while a State FWC official come out and inspects the site. All kinds of Graphs and Maps must also be provided.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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