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I have used Shindaiwa and Echo and out of the two I have, I prefer the Shindaiwa. My favorite dealers here where I buy all of my stuff have quit selling Shindaiwa because they say its harder to get the parts. They all solely sell Redmax now. I think my next trimmer will probably be a Redmax and I think its gonna be the bcz2460ts. It looks like an amazing machine and really the only downside to me is the head isn't a speed feed like my Shindaiwa x.x I run my trimmers without the guards despite what some on Lawnsite might call a mistake. 90% of LCO's in my area run them without guards too. Reasons for that are greater visibility, lightens the weight of the machine that you have to hold all day, larger cutting swath, guard doesnt get in the way of trimming, etc...
I love my Echo and I've never had problems with it, but I prefer the Shindaiwa because I think its more ergonomic, the head is a better head, and a few other minor differences. Any opinions on the new Redmax?

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