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Terry, we're not the public, we're fleet!

There is a massive difference between what I need, and my software engineer neighbor needs. And he drives a Prius!

The CNG infrastructure works for my fleet for two reasons:

1. The local utility actually wanted me to have the infrastructure so they could sell more product.

2. It is cheaper than propane.

On my box truck the CNG tank isn't an issue, it did increase the overall length of my truck by two feet, but that wasn't a big issue. I went to 22 foot bodies a few years ago because we weren't using the extra two feet.

I don't have a Phill station because it doesn't supply enough gas to the truck. But I do have the ability to refuel 6 trucks overnight in my shop. And frankly, the shop and trucks do nothing between the hours of 5pm and 6am, so there is plenty of time for them to drink. Also, the fire marshal allowed indoor refueling of the CNG equipment where LPG is strictly an outdoor affair.

I bought propane for the mowers because it was cheaper than gas in the long term. I bought the Roush F550 because it made sense to switch the plumber and electrician to a different truck and use propane as a test. Roush didn't have the ability to supply me with a fleet of F150's yet, so we ordered the EcoBoost. I would have bought a CNG conversion as a test for the Chevy's but they only had them for the 2500's which was too much truck for my use.

My biggest annoyance with propane, aside from Jungle J's mis-information as fact shtick, was the suppliers locally. None of them had a clue. Roush was the most helpful with the process and requirements and in turn, they got to sell a grand total of two trucks. Roush did the hard work and the local supplier will get the revenue and they did all the work.

Again, I respect you for being here and helping out with information, It would be more useful if we could get some help with refueling equipment, station design, and infrastructure improvements. Until we're doing the work ourselves and not relying on someone to deliver the product to our door, it isn't going to work.

As I have stated before, if not for the infrastructure in place at the shop, I would not have replaced the mowers with LPG. With only two mowers this year and bottle delivery I wanted to throttle them on a bi-weekly basis.

How can you help us make the switch? Can we get a massive discount on mower bottles? Can we get a bulk price on fuel as a buying group? What incentives are there from the state and feds to help us convert? BMW offers a $3,500 ECO Credit to get diesel X5's off the lot and get the price down of the units, will Toro, Scag or some other manufacturer do the same? Will the propane council or even Heritage propane underwrite some of the cost of the propane unit versus a gas unit to get more of them out there?

These are questions that interest me and my bottom line.

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