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400' paver sidewalk project

This 400' paver sidewalk project is one that is dear to me. Not only was it a "larger" project and a challenge for my company, but also the history of the property alone was enough to want to do the best that we could offer. The sidewalks led out to old hitching ledges used back in the day of the horse and buggy.

The initial designs were rendered using Landscape Pro Image Editor.

The original owner raised award-winning Percheron horses imported from France.

The problems that existed were that the sub-grade was virgin black soil with no compaction, so a well-constructed over-sized, 45-ton base was needed for stability of the sidewalk. Also, a Vermeer S600TX was used on the project for excavating and to transport material, but due to the wet weather, it wasn't on-site after the excavating, so all-6000+ Whitacre clay pavers were moved by hand.

The job took 8 weeks to complete due to the constant, record rain-fall we received in the fall of 2009, and the project was finished by floodlight before the first snow-fall fell for the season.

This property is an on-going project that includes more hardscaping, landscaping, and a routine maintenance schedule every season. Next on the list is to restore the 2 hitching ledges that this sidewalk leads to.

I just want to say it's an honor to post my photos of my work along side other quality businesses in this thread, and also on Lawnsite. Also, if requested, I can post a link to the section of my LS thread that was an on-line documentation of this project.

Also I would like to add that I don't want to share the project budget out of privacy respect for my client. That info can be provided in private if requested.

Here is also a link to the full photo album. Farm House

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