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The top of the waterfall is approx 6' from the waters surface. The hose is approx 15' long, and only has 1 elbow in it (at the top of the waterfall to divert the water). the place the pump was purchased said that a 2" line would be sufficient for this pump and that it wouldnt hamper its performance much, and would actually reduce the power draw of the pump a tad. I feel that it does actually move around 8000 GPH, even with the reduced line size. i have no problems going to a 3" or even 4" line. The top 2/3rds or so of the waterfall is actually a basin that fills up before it starts to spill over, and probably holds 55 to 100 gallon of water. The fountain in the top is on its own smaller pump.

The pond itself is 20'x20' approx 3' deep at waterfall end and 5' or so in the other end, and holds roughly 10,000 gallons. I know the pond is also in need of a much bigger filter than we currently have. The floating fountain is also on its own pump at 550gph.

Here is a picture taken a couple years ago. I know many of you will probably shake their heads in disgust and laugh as this pond was built about as cheap as we could and ended up getting thrown together just to get it to the point it is. I have plans to renovate it and make it look a whole lot better once I find a new job. For some reason, the flow over the waterfall does not look as much in the picture as it does in person.

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